Monday, November 2, 2009

Against the Maiden Kings Forces

As we travelled, I sat in the cart and worked through several volumes of history, as well as the Wizards', now badgers, journal. I discovered several important pieces of information. The Uthtower, The Mere of Dead Men, Rowan Hold, the Forlorn Hills and Ardeep were important locations, while the following names were identified as important: the Bloodhand family line, Queen Raulbaera Bloodhand being the most important, and the Black Claw Orcs. From these place and people names I was able to identify two important locations: Amphail and the Forlorn Hills.

The Forlorn Hills are of interest to the Maiden King army, as attested to by their having sent an expedition into that region. Indeed, they were after one of the medallions. I see no reason to further investigate this line unless we attempt to re-enter the dragons cave, which is something I do wish to do at a later stage.

Amphail is particularly interesting, for many reasons. For one, it is situated near the site of the Maiden Kings kingdom, or castle, Rowan Hold. Rowan Hold was destroyed and dismantled, but a part is said to remain: The Horse Pond. The Horse Pond was constructed by flooding the dungeon under Rowan Hold. I thus resolved to further any line of investigation regarding Amphail, Rowan Hold and particularly the Horse Pond. I was not to be disappointed.

We met Azael in the tower of Marlin the Wizard. She was a being from another plane, and answered several questions I had, and confirmed that the Horse Pond could be the entrance to the Maiden Kings Tomb. Azael charged us with rescuing Marlin, as he was the one who knew the most about the medallions and their use.

Making all haste into the forests, we were ambushed by Black Claw Orcs in the service of the Maiden King. We defeated them, mostly due to Tara's ability, and then we came upon Elven and Dwarven ruins. I remembered that in the histories I had read there had been alliances between the Dwarves and Elves, so prehaps the site is more important than we realise. I would appear that part of the complex was an area where the Dwarves and Elves would meet with Dragons.

We found Marlin, under attack by many undead creatures. The fighting was hard, but we won through. Marlin was seriously wounded, but Tara again came to the rescue, as well as a Bale Norm. Marlin gave us 3 to 5 days to beat the Maiden Kings forces to the tomb of the Maiden King. The Bale Norm gave us several gifts for the fight ahead, including a tomb of magic for myself.

We make all haste for Amphail and the Horse Pond. We expect to meet many more undead and wizards of greater power, so haste is our only option. I fear this may be our undoing.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Stone House

For once things were going our way. We were looking forward to some real answers and some real help for that matter. Zaneska's friend seemed to just the person to hand all this over to and make a break for the first biggest town in the area.

But as it turns out, luck was just teaching me a lesson, don’t think you’re lucky until the loot is sold...

The message that we captured from our sleeping Captain was a note to Blue company to inform them that the amulets, both the one here and the one that Zaneska had, hed been located. It bade them to make all haste to these places and lay their hands on the amulets by any means necessary.

After some discussion we decided to send Crosby and the other two smart magic types to the libraries of the dwarves to try and find some information about the amulets. The rest of us decided to go to the fellow that was mentioned to us living on the outskirts of some forest to the west, I forget the name, that damn tree hugger would know...

After a boring trek through the mountains, we made it to the wide open plains, where by some act of fate, the Captain managed to get himself stabbed with some shoe spikes that were rolling around on the wagon. No doubt the druid will have something to say. I miss my friend Crosby, being watched by the druid, and the Barbarian blaming me for the unwanted sex change.......

We reached a small but extremely well crafted town just before sunset of the, 2nd day of travel. The place was called the Stone House, and was mentioned to us as a landmark. We stabled the horse in a barracks by the main gate and had a look around town. The town was utterly deserted for some reason. Tara noticed some humanoid boot prints on the ground. These eventually lead to a temple of some kind.

After very carefully examining the doors and floors, I managed to miss a trap set just in the doorway. Needless to say, Arnelia wasn’t too happy about me missing the trap, as it was her that got hurt when it went off. After some quick reassurances that it wouldn’t happen again, we continued our exploration.

We found some stairs down to a basement level of the temple. Two openings, one barred from the other side by a crude wooden door, the other leading to an altar room of some kind. We decided to explore the altar room and found some clever stone doors, concealing....... NOTHING.

Yes that is what was behind the door, nothing, who sets up a temple with no valuables in it ? Damn religious fools, at least my God has some style.

While I was sulking about this fact, Tara asked me to have a look at the altar in the centre of the room. Climbing up onto it to make sure that I don’t miss anything, I saw her coming closer to me with a wild look in her eyes, holding a torch. Thoughts of being burned at the stake flickered through my mind, but at that moment we were attacked by Drow !!

4 Of them burst into the room, I got shot by a dart of some kind. We put up a good fight, Tara positively ripped them to pieces with her lightning, it was spectacular, and then I fell asleep...
I woke up to Arnelia slapping me, telling me that there are two more Drow coming and I had to help. We set up an ambush, in the dark (I know, not the brightest idea) and was not disappointed when 2 more Drow and a Drider showed up. I must confess, the Drider was not expected and we had a terrible fright, I would go so far as to say it was terrifying!

I was still groggy from my nap and so was not much use to the others, I’ll make it up to them someday. They managed to rip the attackers apart, flames, lightning, swords slashing, it was quite a show. One good thing that came from this was the huge sack the Drider dropped. It contained, wait for it, 5000 copper pieces !

Damn useless underground idiots. Who collects copper ? We also found a map with a few areas circled. We decided to sleep in the barracks that night and continue on our way the next morning. Before we set out we decided to explore the old mansion house in the centre of the village.

After going through all the rooms, we found a chest full of silver bars at the top of one of the derelict towers. That also went on the wagon. At this point I should mention that I was brutally and viciously attacked by leeches. The little monster nearly killed me !

We continued on to the forest after that, no further excitement, except when we got to the hut of the person we were sent to see, the place was a ruin. Marks from fire, broken doors, no signs of life at all. We entered the house and saw something sitting in a chair by the fire. As we were getting ready to fight once more, a very strange lady rose from the chair. She had wings of fire and purple skin !!!

She spoke to us “Finally you come, I have been waiting for you”

I will continue the story when I know more.

Malagar the Hand

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I feel so alive...

When the gods have it in for you...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A note on Malagar

Dear journal (diary sounds a bit gay)

After accidentally stumbling over my friend Crosby’s backpack, by chance his diary fell open on the last page entry, which I couldn’t help reading, I noticed some rather odd references to me.

I thought that I might take the opportunity to explain myself a bit. I felt bad about what happened to Arnie, so I think some flashbacks are in order.

As a young child on the streets, abandoned by my mother who I never really knew, and with a vague idea that my father was human’ish, I had to make my own way. I realised early on that my strength was not really an option for making my way in life. I remember once trying to impress a girl by flexing my biceps, which looked like two peas in a straw, and from that point on I knew that what I wanted and needed to survive was more in the skulk around and borrow when no one is looking category. After some false starts and some very close calls with the local town fuzz, I thought it might be prudent to disappear for a while.

I made my way to the town of Waterdeep, where I learned most of what I know from the local pirates and thieves. At first I was put to work as a pickpocket and beggar. After only a short while my esteemed elders realized that my talents might lie else ware, as they realized that my hunger for possessions caused me to lash out at those poor fools who gave me small change. I was causing some interest by the city watch, which the bosses decided was not good for business. They thought to train me in burglary, but again my fingers usually found those things which are most precious and well guarded. This caused a lot of trouble for them and I decided that to stop myself from getting the legendary Waterdeep ruby necklace (a slit throat) I should maybe travel else ware and look for my fortunes in a smaller more independent town.

I travelled for many months, being around 16 at the time (I never knew my birth year), I finally found a small town called Green meadow. Here I decided is the place to hone my skills in appraising and acquiring the more valuable and expensive things that other people owned. I met up with some of the locals, which turned out to be exactly what I needed. They were forming a merchant company for trading with other towns, and after some serious fast talking and some bribery, I convinced them to take me in.

I will not fill this journal with my ranting about the poor childhood I had or the reasons for me being what I am, I just thought that if I could explain myself in this journal, I might be able to tell the others, especially Tara, about why I do certain things, and hopefully they will be able to understand me better. I don’t do this to be charitable or because I’m pathetic (I hope) but because I think I can be a valuable part of the party. With some guidance and a strong nudge in the right direction every now and again, I might actually turn out OK.

Once again, sorry Arnie, I have learnt my lesson. Next time we raid a dragon’s hoard, I will inspect it most closely before touching anything. Oh and we must find a reliable cleric for reincarnations. Can you imagine the horror of a female badger barbarian?

Thank you for listening

Malagar the hand, trouble maker and connoisseur
Oh P.S. Thanks for putting up with a newbie :-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Treasure and Trials

The wizards journal, such a valuable find, showed me the way to the others, through an ice portal. On the other side of the portal I found Malagar, hiding from something. It turned out to be the most terrifying and colossal creature I have ever seen: a elder white dragon. Malagar escaped back through the portal with me, but the others had run down another tunnel.

Malagar and I, believing the portal to be a door, investigated an ice wall further up from the cavern where I found the wizards remains. Behind the ice wall we found the rest of the Maiden Kings archaeological party, but we gave them the slip and headed back through the portal.

This time the dragon was gone and we managed to find the others, who had made short work of some orcs and found a heap of valuable treasures. We decided to rest up, but our rest was cut short by the return of the dragon and a smaller dragon, perhaps one of its spawn. We fled back down some tunnels, but the smaller dragon, still larger than a house, bore down upon us. I attempted to converse with it, but it would not hear me, or simply could not understand my dialect of Draconic. We fought bravely against it, but Arnie was badly wounded in the fight. (Personal note: my magic had no effect against the dragon, I will have to research ways to improve my magical ability against such creatures.)

With the dragon slain, we made for the exit, but the larger dragon cast a spell that sealed us in. Luckily we could use the opportunity to rest and prepare new spells. The druid was then instrumental in cutting a way through the ice for our escape.

Before leaving the ice caves, we discovered a vast dragon horde: many magical artefacts and gems beyond our wildest imaginings, though perhaps not Malagar, he seems to have a wild imagination when it comes to wealth, but I digress. We managed to gain some magical items and books, but Arnie was attacked by strange creatures that looks like a coin. There were swarms of these creatures and Arnie was overcome. Our poor barbarian friend had died.

Malagar, the Druid (I forget her name) and myself made a daring rescue of the skeleton of Arnie. It was my finest moment of the entire adventure so far, and I'm considering a new career as a fighter, perhaps. For it was I who grabbed the ankle of our departed friends corpse and ran, while being bitten by a swarm of the coin-scarabs. I was nearly overcome, but for my great stamina and athletic ability, and the help of Malagar to some extent.

Needless to say, we left the caves, and after a run in with some of the Maiden King's guardsmen, we made for civilization, to get Arnie and the wizard regenerated. Arnie was successfully regenerated to some extent, although his body is now that of a female. Malagar and myself agree that it is a change for the better, although the males in the party are out now numbered. The wizard was not as lucky, for although he was returned to life, and is still male (the druid assures me), he now has the body of a badger.

In all this entry covers roughly 4 days.

Crosby of Green Meadow, Friend Rescuer, Lore Master and Dragon Botherer.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Army of the Maiden King - season 1 episode 3

The party once again surprised me. How is it that they manage to completely forget their main aim and most solid lead? Does anyone pay any attention to their character alignment? Makes for interesting DMing...

In the last session, the party stopped for the night near the Bargewright Inn. They are on their way to the Forlorn Hills, hoping to find a wizard named Yurik Shurikov. Shurikov apparently lives in or near Uluvin, a village somewhere in the Forlorn Hills.

After doing a travelling merchant in, the intrepid adventurers set out from the banks of the river Dessarin. Travelling east on the Iron Road, they come across three orcs terrorising a young soldier. They jump in and help him, hoping, as always, that there will be a gold dragon or two for them as a reward. The fighter, Arnie, manages to almost get himself killed, but with the help of the awkward wizard Crosby, they manage to kill all three orcs. So, after saving an unfortunate soldier in need, they threaten him and steal his belongings. (Wouldn't you have done the same thing?) Fortunately for them, they do manage to gather some important information in the process. Luckily for Arnie, Tara is able to provide a bit of healing with mushrooms she had picked. And so, with bruised bodies and inflated egos, they trundle off to the tiny village of Uluvin.

Once in Uluvin, they partake in many exciting activities, including getting a dwarf drunk, stealing from his shop, and of course, discovering how much fun a ring of jumping can really be. After branding themselves as lawless thieves, drunkards and amateur acrobats, they make camp a small distance outside the village. The rogue, Malaga, travels back to Uluvin in the morning, and manages to buy some supplies and a very useful hangover cure. Sober and sorry, the adventurers make their way to a remote cavern complex where the Maiden King's army has set up base. In the ice-filled caverns, they manage to slide down a slippery slope, both physically and metaphorically. Everybody, apart from Crosby, slides through a wall to an open cave in a very cold mountain range. Arnie takes the lead and starts exploring their new surroundings. He doesn't get very far though, as a gargantuan white dragon appears from a large tunnel. Judging from his toothy expression, the dragon isn't about to invite them in for a casual chat. Back in the ice caves, Crosby sits and bemoans his ill-fated situation. Luckily for him, he is not alone in the icy cave. He discovers the frozen body of a dead wizard on the snow-covered floor. He finds an interesting ring and an even more interesting diary on the wizard. If only he could share his knowledge with the others...

Will the party survive their encounter with the dragon? Will Crosby discover a way to join his lost comrades? Are white dragons amenable to polite negotiations? To find out, bring your spare character sheets and join us next time for another exciting episode from...
The Army of the Maiden King

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Campaign Journal : Chapter 3

As dawn broke and the battle weary group packed up their belongings, they heard the sound of approaching wagons crossing the stone bridge across the river Dessarin. With the druid Valentia in a bad state loaded on the back of their wagon, and the hexblade Fantasia strangely missing the group decided to gather some information from the approaching merchant train.

Upon reaching them the fat overly dressed fop of a merchant demanded that they step aside and make way for his eminent self. Not to be deterred Arnie stepped into the path of the leading horse and with just a look and a roll of his shoulders to settle his armour more comfortably, he dared the driver of the first cart to continue on his current path. The merchant realized that some civility might be in order at that point and proceeded to trade with the ever opportunistic rogue Malagar. Crosby gathering some information on the lay of the land and their ultimate destination of Uluvin, decided to get the group going and not waste any more time on this encounter.

After half a day’s travel, the druid Tara, who was scouting ahead, noticed some figures in the distance. After some fairly inconsiderate reconnaissance with a lunch break enjoyed by all, the companions decided to help a struggling man from being beaten up completely by a small group of orcs. They proceeded to exterminate the orcs with some rather spectacular fighing by their resident barbarian, who even in battle could take a very pointed discussion with his wizard friend to whole new levels.

After rescuing, flirting, intimidating, robbing and chatting with the disgruntled man, they figured out that he was in the employ of the maiden king and that he had a convenient map to some location. The group decided to follow the directions, but not until after they had some sleep and resupply from the nearby town of Uluvin. The night they spent in town was adventurous and very profitable, the only problem of consequence is the fact that 90 percent of the group had splitting hangovers.

After some extensive medical intervention they managed to get back on the wagon and travel to the marked caves on the stolen map. Upon reaching the caves, Crosby felt a strange sense of magic, while Tara found disturbing tracks leading into the cave system. On consultation of Arnie, they decided to enter the caves and explore, hopefully to find some clue of this maiden king and his army. After some dazzling acrobatics by Tara the group made it relatively safely through the caves up to a point.

The adventurers decided to risk a slide down a dark, ominous looking slope and proceeded to get thoroughly lost and loose a member of their party. They found themselves outside without Crosby, who got lost somewhere on the slide, and the cold of the area was getting distinctly uncomfortable. After hearing some disturbing sounds, the remainder of the doomed, but hopeful, party noticed a large, rather cuddly ancient white dragon standing nearby. He was smiling, or at least showing lots of teeth and they ..........