Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Treasure and Trials

The wizards journal, such a valuable find, showed me the way to the others, through an ice portal. On the other side of the portal I found Malagar, hiding from something. It turned out to be the most terrifying and colossal creature I have ever seen: a elder white dragon. Malagar escaped back through the portal with me, but the others had run down another tunnel.

Malagar and I, believing the portal to be a door, investigated an ice wall further up from the cavern where I found the wizards remains. Behind the ice wall we found the rest of the Maiden Kings archaeological party, but we gave them the slip and headed back through the portal.

This time the dragon was gone and we managed to find the others, who had made short work of some orcs and found a heap of valuable treasures. We decided to rest up, but our rest was cut short by the return of the dragon and a smaller dragon, perhaps one of its spawn. We fled back down some tunnels, but the smaller dragon, still larger than a house, bore down upon us. I attempted to converse with it, but it would not hear me, or simply could not understand my dialect of Draconic. We fought bravely against it, but Arnie was badly wounded in the fight. (Personal note: my magic had no effect against the dragon, I will have to research ways to improve my magical ability against such creatures.)

With the dragon slain, we made for the exit, but the larger dragon cast a spell that sealed us in. Luckily we could use the opportunity to rest and prepare new spells. The druid was then instrumental in cutting a way through the ice for our escape.

Before leaving the ice caves, we discovered a vast dragon horde: many magical artefacts and gems beyond our wildest imaginings, though perhaps not Malagar, he seems to have a wild imagination when it comes to wealth, but I digress. We managed to gain some magical items and books, but Arnie was attacked by strange creatures that looks like a coin. There were swarms of these creatures and Arnie was overcome. Our poor barbarian friend had died.

Malagar, the Druid (I forget her name) and myself made a daring rescue of the skeleton of Arnie. It was my finest moment of the entire adventure so far, and I'm considering a new career as a fighter, perhaps. For it was I who grabbed the ankle of our departed friends corpse and ran, while being bitten by a swarm of the coin-scarabs. I was nearly overcome, but for my great stamina and athletic ability, and the help of Malagar to some extent.

Needless to say, we left the caves, and after a run in with some of the Maiden King's guardsmen, we made for civilization, to get Arnie and the wizard regenerated. Arnie was successfully regenerated to some extent, although his body is now that of a female. Malagar and myself agree that it is a change for the better, although the males in the party are out now numbered. The wizard was not as lucky, for although he was returned to life, and is still male (the druid assures me), he now has the body of a badger.

In all this entry covers roughly 4 days.

Crosby of Green Meadow, Friend Rescuer, Lore Master and Dragon Botherer.

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