Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A note on Malagar

Dear journal (diary sounds a bit gay)

After accidentally stumbling over my friend Crosby’s backpack, by chance his diary fell open on the last page entry, which I couldn’t help reading, I noticed some rather odd references to me.

I thought that I might take the opportunity to explain myself a bit. I felt bad about what happened to Arnie, so I think some flashbacks are in order.

As a young child on the streets, abandoned by my mother who I never really knew, and with a vague idea that my father was human’ish, I had to make my own way. I realised early on that my strength was not really an option for making my way in life. I remember once trying to impress a girl by flexing my biceps, which looked like two peas in a straw, and from that point on I knew that what I wanted and needed to survive was more in the skulk around and borrow when no one is looking category. After some false starts and some very close calls with the local town fuzz, I thought it might be prudent to disappear for a while.

I made my way to the town of Waterdeep, where I learned most of what I know from the local pirates and thieves. At first I was put to work as a pickpocket and beggar. After only a short while my esteemed elders realized that my talents might lie else ware, as they realized that my hunger for possessions caused me to lash out at those poor fools who gave me small change. I was causing some interest by the city watch, which the bosses decided was not good for business. They thought to train me in burglary, but again my fingers usually found those things which are most precious and well guarded. This caused a lot of trouble for them and I decided that to stop myself from getting the legendary Waterdeep ruby necklace (a slit throat) I should maybe travel else ware and look for my fortunes in a smaller more independent town.

I travelled for many months, being around 16 at the time (I never knew my birth year), I finally found a small town called Green meadow. Here I decided is the place to hone my skills in appraising and acquiring the more valuable and expensive things that other people owned. I met up with some of the locals, which turned out to be exactly what I needed. They were forming a merchant company for trading with other towns, and after some serious fast talking and some bribery, I convinced them to take me in.

I will not fill this journal with my ranting about the poor childhood I had or the reasons for me being what I am, I just thought that if I could explain myself in this journal, I might be able to tell the others, especially Tara, about why I do certain things, and hopefully they will be able to understand me better. I don’t do this to be charitable or because I’m pathetic (I hope) but because I think I can be a valuable part of the party. With some guidance and a strong nudge in the right direction every now and again, I might actually turn out OK.

Once again, sorry Arnie, I have learnt my lesson. Next time we raid a dragon’s hoard, I will inspect it most closely before touching anything. Oh and we must find a reliable cleric for reincarnations. Can you imagine the horror of a female badger barbarian?

Thank you for listening

Malagar the hand, trouble maker and connoisseur
Oh P.S. Thanks for putting up with a newbie :-)

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  1. We love you Malagar, our party would be worse off without you. I'm sorry if my references offended.