Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Army of the Maiden King - season 1 episode 3

The party once again surprised me. How is it that they manage to completely forget their main aim and most solid lead? Does anyone pay any attention to their character alignment? Makes for interesting DMing...

In the last session, the party stopped for the night near the Bargewright Inn. They are on their way to the Forlorn Hills, hoping to find a wizard named Yurik Shurikov. Shurikov apparently lives in or near Uluvin, a village somewhere in the Forlorn Hills.

After doing a travelling merchant in, the intrepid adventurers set out from the banks of the river Dessarin. Travelling east on the Iron Road, they come across three orcs terrorising a young soldier. They jump in and help him, hoping, as always, that there will be a gold dragon or two for them as a reward. The fighter, Arnie, manages to almost get himself killed, but with the help of the awkward wizard Crosby, they manage to kill all three orcs. So, after saving an unfortunate soldier in need, they threaten him and steal his belongings. (Wouldn't you have done the same thing?) Fortunately for them, they do manage to gather some important information in the process. Luckily for Arnie, Tara is able to provide a bit of healing with mushrooms she had picked. And so, with bruised bodies and inflated egos, they trundle off to the tiny village of Uluvin.

Once in Uluvin, they partake in many exciting activities, including getting a dwarf drunk, stealing from his shop, and of course, discovering how much fun a ring of jumping can really be. After branding themselves as lawless thieves, drunkards and amateur acrobats, they make camp a small distance outside the village. The rogue, Malaga, travels back to Uluvin in the morning, and manages to buy some supplies and a very useful hangover cure. Sober and sorry, the adventurers make their way to a remote cavern complex where the Maiden King's army has set up base. In the ice-filled caverns, they manage to slide down a slippery slope, both physically and metaphorically. Everybody, apart from Crosby, slides through a wall to an open cave in a very cold mountain range. Arnie takes the lead and starts exploring their new surroundings. He doesn't get very far though, as a gargantuan white dragon appears from a large tunnel. Judging from his toothy expression, the dragon isn't about to invite them in for a casual chat. Back in the ice caves, Crosby sits and bemoans his ill-fated situation. Luckily for him, he is not alone in the icy cave. He discovers the frozen body of a dead wizard on the snow-covered floor. He finds an interesting ring and an even more interesting diary on the wizard. If only he could share his knowledge with the others...

Will the party survive their encounter with the dragon? Will Crosby discover a way to join his lost comrades? Are white dragons amenable to polite negotiations? To find out, bring your spare character sheets and join us next time for another exciting episode from...
The Army of the Maiden King

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