Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Campaign Journal : Chapter 3

As dawn broke and the battle weary group packed up their belongings, they heard the sound of approaching wagons crossing the stone bridge across the river Dessarin. With the druid Valentia in a bad state loaded on the back of their wagon, and the hexblade Fantasia strangely missing the group decided to gather some information from the approaching merchant train.

Upon reaching them the fat overly dressed fop of a merchant demanded that they step aside and make way for his eminent self. Not to be deterred Arnie stepped into the path of the leading horse and with just a look and a roll of his shoulders to settle his armour more comfortably, he dared the driver of the first cart to continue on his current path. The merchant realized that some civility might be in order at that point and proceeded to trade with the ever opportunistic rogue Malagar. Crosby gathering some information on the lay of the land and their ultimate destination of Uluvin, decided to get the group going and not waste any more time on this encounter.

After half a day’s travel, the druid Tara, who was scouting ahead, noticed some figures in the distance. After some fairly inconsiderate reconnaissance with a lunch break enjoyed by all, the companions decided to help a struggling man from being beaten up completely by a small group of orcs. They proceeded to exterminate the orcs with some rather spectacular fighing by their resident barbarian, who even in battle could take a very pointed discussion with his wizard friend to whole new levels.

After rescuing, flirting, intimidating, robbing and chatting with the disgruntled man, they figured out that he was in the employ of the maiden king and that he had a convenient map to some location. The group decided to follow the directions, but not until after they had some sleep and resupply from the nearby town of Uluvin. The night they spent in town was adventurous and very profitable, the only problem of consequence is the fact that 90 percent of the group had splitting hangovers.

After some extensive medical intervention they managed to get back on the wagon and travel to the marked caves on the stolen map. Upon reaching the caves, Crosby felt a strange sense of magic, while Tara found disturbing tracks leading into the cave system. On consultation of Arnie, they decided to enter the caves and explore, hopefully to find some clue of this maiden king and his army. After some dazzling acrobatics by Tara the group made it relatively safely through the caves up to a point.

The adventurers decided to risk a slide down a dark, ominous looking slope and proceeded to get thoroughly lost and loose a member of their party. They found themselves outside without Crosby, who got lost somewhere on the slide, and the cold of the area was getting distinctly uncomfortable. After hearing some disturbing sounds, the remainder of the doomed, but hopeful, party noticed a large, rather cuddly ancient white dragon standing nearby. He was smiling, or at least showing lots of teeth and they ..........

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