Monday, November 2, 2009

Against the Maiden Kings Forces

As we travelled, I sat in the cart and worked through several volumes of history, as well as the Wizards', now badgers, journal. I discovered several important pieces of information. The Uthtower, The Mere of Dead Men, Rowan Hold, the Forlorn Hills and Ardeep were important locations, while the following names were identified as important: the Bloodhand family line, Queen Raulbaera Bloodhand being the most important, and the Black Claw Orcs. From these place and people names I was able to identify two important locations: Amphail and the Forlorn Hills.

The Forlorn Hills are of interest to the Maiden King army, as attested to by their having sent an expedition into that region. Indeed, they were after one of the medallions. I see no reason to further investigate this line unless we attempt to re-enter the dragons cave, which is something I do wish to do at a later stage.

Amphail is particularly interesting, for many reasons. For one, it is situated near the site of the Maiden Kings kingdom, or castle, Rowan Hold. Rowan Hold was destroyed and dismantled, but a part is said to remain: The Horse Pond. The Horse Pond was constructed by flooding the dungeon under Rowan Hold. I thus resolved to further any line of investigation regarding Amphail, Rowan Hold and particularly the Horse Pond. I was not to be disappointed.

We met Azael in the tower of Marlin the Wizard. She was a being from another plane, and answered several questions I had, and confirmed that the Horse Pond could be the entrance to the Maiden Kings Tomb. Azael charged us with rescuing Marlin, as he was the one who knew the most about the medallions and their use.

Making all haste into the forests, we were ambushed by Black Claw Orcs in the service of the Maiden King. We defeated them, mostly due to Tara's ability, and then we came upon Elven and Dwarven ruins. I remembered that in the histories I had read there had been alliances between the Dwarves and Elves, so prehaps the site is more important than we realise. I would appear that part of the complex was an area where the Dwarves and Elves would meet with Dragons.

We found Marlin, under attack by many undead creatures. The fighting was hard, but we won through. Marlin was seriously wounded, but Tara again came to the rescue, as well as a Bale Norm. Marlin gave us 3 to 5 days to beat the Maiden Kings forces to the tomb of the Maiden King. The Bale Norm gave us several gifts for the fight ahead, including a tomb of magic for myself.

We make all haste for Amphail and the Horse Pond. We expect to meet many more undead and wizards of greater power, so haste is our only option. I fear this may be our undoing.


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